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Residential EV chargers

With our home charging solutions you can schedule your charging session and your car automatically starts charging while you’re asleep or having dinner. Why waste time on charging when you can focus on what’s really important at home?
Smart charging solutions make sure that charging your car at home is safe, managed in respect the total home energy consumption reduce your electricity costs.

As the number of parking spaces being electrified continues to grow at a rapid pace, the need for smart scheduling and complex charging solutions will grow. Property managers will need to protect their grid through load management. Drivers will reap the benefits of charging at off-peak times, reducing total energy consumption, and promoting renewable energy generation.


Company Parking

Cater to different workplace users: company car drivers, private car owners, and guests. Provide flexible payment options: free charging, credit card payment, salary deduction, and reimbursement. Reduce energy costs by optimizing charging based on varying electricity load. The monitoring system provide managers with extensive data analytics, reports, and operational dashboards. Smart home chargers for private use can be used, as well as smart public use type chargers with on-line payment modes or not.

Facility Management Companies

Is your facility ready to charge electric vehicles?

It’s not often facilities management has cause to align itself with the automotive industry. With growing consumer acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs), the time is ripe for building owners to decide if they want to take the wheel and install an EV charging station.

For some, nothing short of a government mandate or significant tax incentives will prompt them to install a charger. Yet others are leading the way by becoming early adopters, staying reflexively ahead of demand but nonetheless prepared for the surge of EVs around the corner.

The question to ask yourself is do you want a stake in the electric vehicle market? There’s growing evidence that people are more likely to frequent a business that advertises its green efforts.

Public EV Charging at Restaurants and Shopping Centers

Restaurants are great locations to install electric vehicle charging stations. Fine dining establishments, whose clients often rank among Tesla drivers, are already known as a hot spot for installing EVSE. Likewise, fast food and fast-casual restaurants close to freeway exits are great places for EVSE, as they allow EV drivers to charge up and get back on the road fast.

Shopping centre owners must take a holistic approach to improvements and consider new offerings that will enhance the experience for all members of the family. They should review how shopper groups travel to their sites and recognise key changes, like the EV charging service, they could make to accommodate longer stays at the shopping centres.

Parking Services Companies

As a public parking operator, your business is about attracting frequent customers and increasing revenue per individual parking spot. Becoming an EV charging public destination can help with both. 

Providing an EV charging station attracts drivers and can be the determining factor between your garage and the one around the corner. EV chargers bring a sought-after EV driver amenity to your facility while gaining market share from non-EV friendly locations.

Municipalities’ eMobility services

eMobility for municipalities presents two major challenges :

  • Fleet charging management of municipality’s electrical vehicle fleet
  • Installation and operation of Public charging stations in pre-selected locations in the municipal area.

Maron-electronics with a significant knowhow in industrial ΙΤ & automation can support, advise, study and monitor the realization of those municipalities’ EV charging projects.